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Monday, August 16, 2010


By Lawrence Njuguna

Its name kenya
an epic of the Kenya i know
my beach people its shore
it's boundaries, walls for this our house
neighbours hatred animosity hostility arouse
happy i am on this diet though unbalanced
plate full but my tongue not tranced
the kitchen is in chaos and tension
broth spoil cooks, cooks i have to mention
leaders play catch with our hearts
our actions massaging there guts
the nation is in flames of fire
unemployment,disease,poverty woods to sire
first world, IMF, World Bank donations, water to extinguish
thought beggars would ride on horses oh! wish

is it shoot to kill
or shoot to still
people bull's eye for the police stray bullets
wonder if graves to guide and protect
assisted suicides illegal and illicit
but aren't our hospitals and doctors the institutions fit?
education to furnish my mind
but corruption sacred and virtue of a new kind
weak in society to procreate and labour
no application of yourself love as your neighbour
nothing for yourself have
look in expectation for the one above
in soul and body dry and in famine
economy of the stomach is decided by the rich all is fine
theft by way of tax
perturbed by our government our pocket axe
sites,parks,animals our names high hold
mountains,lakes and culture our natural gold
our athletes raise our flag
tribalism,greed and politics cause it to sag
justice be our shield to defend
courts, prosecutors of truth and contraceptive till end

stagnant no development as it swells like yeast on pastry
yet presence of trade democracy health technology and industry
its capital city of complete capitalisation Nairobi
to each according to his work no A.O.B
you can despise it, love it but never know it no
The world's chameleone colours change in a row
not because of the government i live
but the almighty up and down my chest heave

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