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Monday, September 20, 2010

Poetry to the people!

I meet ordinary people who tell me that the last time they listened to or read a poem was back in high school. I’m usually not shocked because even today, most students don’t care much for poetry, save a few in the drama and music club. For a few years now, poetry has been for a closed society of poets who meet at poetry nights (myself included) to share in the latest poems that they have been writing. This is alright, but just like any other form of art, poetry belongs to the people and should be presented to the masses for them to enjoy. Thus my goal from now on is to take my poems out of the poetry nights and on to the masses. I intend to do this using wedding ceremonies as a platform.

The good thing about weddings is that you don’t have to worry about bringing together an audience; the bride and groom have already done so. Secondly, weddings are a time when everyone’s emotional state is heightened because it’s a romantic celebration. A love poem thus fits effortlessly into such a setting as it encapsulates and portrays the prevalent feelings in the atmosphere. Poems enable us to say what we would otherwise not have the words to express. They let us speak in the language of the gods and transport us to a Utopian space. Have a poem at your wedding ceremony and enjoy the divine energy that is poetry.