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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fern Poetry is an arts organization that uses poetry to create awareness on human trafficking among other social ills amongst students in primary and secondary schools. In partnership with The Kenya Blue Heart Grassroots Initiative, Sanaelimu Art Ensemble, Consolation East Africa and KARDS, we have visited Braeburn Schools, Top Mark High School, St Hannah’s Girls School, Precious Blood Primary School (Amani) among many other schools as well as performed at the Kenya National Theatre. We also use motivational poetry to empower students to believe in themselves, in their abilities and to reach for and fulfill their dreams and heart’s desires. It is in this light that we want to engage your students and teachers in motivational sessions. The sessions are facilitated by Poet Viona Wamuyu as well as myself along with a guest motivational speaker. Each session will last an hour and will include poetry performances by Viona Wamuyu and a motivational talk by the guest speaker. For each session, we are asking the school to invest Ksh. 15,000 in the welfare of its students. When students are motivated, they easily pass their exams and parents want to take their children to a school where students pass their exams. Give us a date with your students and see them soar higher and higher.