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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


By V3rse ('Verse' Wordsmith)

I wrote this for you and made it tight like shoe strings. Choosing each word right, just so your facial muscles get tight… and the way you’re light, must have been first on sight; because at the beginning God said let there be light! When I board that flight, relax; I’ll be back soon like conjugal rights.

I can’t replace you with even pronouns; because you stand out like Chinese pronounce. You make me weightless like an ounce; you make me wait less at your house. ‘I love you’ I proudly announce, and I mean it like 60 sec is a minute. I am easy when am with you like 96.3; so at ease, I day dream of a night dream. Our bond is like James, let’s call it ‘double 0 seven’; it was born soon after 2007. We’ll always stand tall like twin towers; as God did on the seventh. I pray for the day, we raise our left hand to the reverend; f**k September 11th.

I pour my hearts intestines with similes and metaphors, writings and microphones, assisting my spirit unfold. Untold story now told; uplifting like hands up in a show! If we dint meet, I don’t know… like shooting, ‘am blank’. I’d be confused like sperms that are shooting blanks. This isn’t a rap but I think I’ll call it a wrap. A picture perfect end as if I attached my snap. Yours truly; my soul to your heart!

My composure while composing this verse was composed. My pen unopposed what my heart told, so instead of a full stop; I finished with a pause,

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