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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A happy poem

I’m sick and tired of writing dull poems,
That will turn your smile upside down poems
That are emotionally draining and exhausting poems
Rather I want to write me a happy poem
Make your stomach smile at lunch poems
Make you fall in love with somebody poems
I want to write a poem so good and happy
That you will want to make babies to poems
Make you call up your moms poems
Even smile at strangers in the street poems
I want to write me a feel-good poem
Make you wanna be friends with your boss poems
Nothing political, nothing religious, but celebratory poems
Make you wanna buy your friends a round, poems
I want to write a poem that’ll make you feel alive
I want to write a happy poem for once
Like I woke up on the right side of the bed poems
Like there was no jam at rush hour poems
Like my coffee had two sugars and extra cream in it poems
Like a scarf around your neck on a chilly day poems
I just want to write me a feel-good poem


  1. Spreading happiness is part of The Department of Joyology! With your permission, we can post your delightful poem there.

  2. Hey Burt, I'd love to share this poem provided you credit it and include a link to view the original poem.