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Thursday, December 15, 2011

How much we sacrifice for you

do you know how much we sacrifice for you?
what child hasn't heard those words,
from rich kids to poor kids,
from early on to later on,
they tell us how much they have sacrificed for us,
denying themselves so we can have a better life,
better than they did,
but do they ever stop to think,
we never signed up for this,
we never were consulted before being brought here,
but here we are anyway,
so why is it that we are to blame,
that we are reason you deny yourselves,
and yet its not our fault that we are here,
what is this conspiracy against us,
makes me want to go back,
right before conception and say,
hold up, If Im going to be the reason you sacrifice your dreams,
sacrifice your time and your resources,
then I'd rather we not go down this road,
I'd rather not carry the burden of inconveniencing your life,
I'd rather not bear the guilt of you denying yourself things for my sake,
I'd simply rather not.
Now, I'm not saying that we don't appreciate,
everything you have done for us,
but don't blame us for it,
you knew what you were signing up for,
unless you didn't know,
and in which case the fault still lies not with us,

This is the reason why I don't want to have kids,
coz I don't want to sacrifice for nobody,
yeah I'm selfish like that,
but at least I wont be talking about how hard it is raising kids,
like I didn't see everyone around me struggle,
I'd rather not be responsible for another Godforsaken kid,
there's enough kids in the world without bringing in new ones,
plus, having been a kid once I know,
life fucks you up anyway,
whether you're born rich or born poor matters little,
you're still messed up anyway,
so why would I want to be the one responsible for that,
bringing another kid into this world,
thanks, but no thanks,
I'm fine just the way I am