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Monday, July 30, 2012

Born of a shooting star

Born of a shooting star The world thirsts for your brilliance, it hungers for your magnificence, you are this planet's most magical jewel, and your presence here, has turned these into Holy Grounds you are a potent addition to, the creative advancement of this planet I marvel at your radiance, for future generations will sing praises to your eminence, and build statues to your exuberance I see the gods in you, bubbling, wanting to rise up from within you, and be expressed forth into the consciousness of, the amazement that is all around you you hold the secrets of the universe deep within you, and the key to your own elevation to stardom is, yourself in full glamour Call forth the energy that created you, and ask for its guidance call forth the giants that, lay in deep slumber within your being and watch them raise the consciousness of, the Holiness that abounds around you Make a date with your own transformative splendour, and get to know the potential to, create entire planets that exists within you undisturbed Arise now a King, and glide through like a Queen, for these you are my fellow mortal being and if I could tell you the truth about yourself, I would tell you this: there exists nothing else, in the known and unkown worlds, that even begins to embody awesomeness, like you do