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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winner of Ksh. 2,000 Fern Poetry Prize

The deadline for the submission of poems to the Second Edition of the Fern Poetry prize worth 2,000 Kshs. was on 15th January 2011. I would like to appreciate every poet who submitted poems for consideration and it’s my pleasure to announce the winner of the second Fern Poetry Prize. And the winner is... Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga...with his poem titled ‘Please come home daddy’. This poem not only appeals to all audiences but also speaks to a cause. You can feel the immense desire for proximity attachment expressed by the observer who is also deeply emotionally invested. Read the winning poem here

P.S. The Third Edition of the Fern Poetry Prize will be in February and is themed the ‘Love Edition’. The prize for the third edition will be increased to 3,000 Kshs. Submission of poems starts on 27th January 2011 and closes on 11th February 2011. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2011. Submit only love poems to To read this edition's winning poem by Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga titled ‘Please come home daddy’ click here