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Friday, September 16, 2011

Spoken Word coalition, the dare game

Its finally here, Spoken Word coalition, the dare game at Strathmore University Auditorium tomorrow 17th, Sept. Come for a charity poetry event through which we are collecting old newspapers for sale to raise funds for Kenya Redcross. Bring some old newspapers. The event starts at 2pm. Damage is 200/- and this too goes to the Kenya Redcross.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heartbreak Kid

Heartbreak Kid
Poetry, if I be the death of you,forgive me,
for I courted you for all the wrong reasons,
needed acceptance and you gave me that,
needed prestige and you gave me that,
even needed money and like an ATM, you dispensed
but now we must face the facts,
we dont feel the same about each other anymore,
I've gotten cocky, and you have other loves,
I've lost interest, and you get more and more complicated,
so poetry, If I be the death of you,
please forgive me.

Dirty Diana

Dirty Diana
Your eyes tell me things
a diva's aura is around you,
but I see you with many men,
everytime I see you.
And all I do is stare,
as you try to talk to me,
but I just happen not to be listening,
because Im concerned,
many men be by your side,
and you look like a girl who can get any man she wants,
so tell me, why do you want me.